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tried and trusted
since 1925

Henry Lamotte Food GmbH is a leading supplier of high-quality foods from around the world.
We provide tailor-made ingredients to the food manufacturing industry and top finished products to the food trade.

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We determine the CO2e footprint of our products

The food industry has a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to us to find out more precisely what impact our business has on the climate. To this end, we had the footprint calculated using our canned pineapple as an example and now know exactly which components of this product and which sections of the supply chain are responsible for how much greenhouse gas. This is a prerequisite for specifically curbing emissions or, if unavoidable, knowing how much CO2e needs to be neutralized in order to use the product as a climate-neutral ingredient.

Are you interested in learning more about the climate impact of individual products or would you like to neutralize the CO2e footprint of the products we supply? Then please feel free to contact us, we're happy to help you!

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We trade worldwide

Use our worldwide network.

Our buyers and product managers follow global market developments for more than 80 product groups. Cultivation, harvest, weather, politics, economy and finance, transport, tariffs, consumption ... all these factors make up the market, supply and demand. Our regular market reports serve as a decision-making aid. We know our business and stay informed for you.

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We are climate neutral

We are aware of the role food systems play in the prevailing climate crisis. As an importer of high-quality food, we want to ensure that the carbon emissions caused by our services located in Bremen are kept to a minimum. We are keeping an eye on our emissions and will try to reduce them wherever possible. We are also compensating for any emissions that arise from our offices in Bremen by supporting a Gold Standard certified climate protection project in Peru. The Qori Q’oncha project offers solutions for clean and efficient cooking stoves.

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Creating customer-oriented quality

Your quality requirements are always in good hands at Henry Lamotte Food. Our quality management system creates supply security by utilising coordinated processes, combined with quality assurance for high product quality. 

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Our Services

Diverse ways to create your product

Our services include product development, refinement and finishing, quality management, packing and packaging as well as all services for the supply chain in the food sector.


Are you seeking a new challenge or are you looking for a start into professional life? We may be the perfect fit. We are constantly looking for qualified members of staff here at Henry Lamotte Food and we provide training courses and apprenticeships for new colleagues. Let our international world of food inspire you!

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Market reports, news and more

Current information on the market situation, social commitment and other news and insights from the food industry and trade and our company.


The right ingredient for food production and the optimal finished product for the food trade - we supply food variety from worldwide origins.

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We live on and from our Earth. This is something we are reminded of every day in the food sector. In this context, having a sustainable and responsible corporate organisation that prioritises people, animals, nature and the climate is crucial.

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