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Become a supplier

Good foodstuff needs strong partners

Do you manufacture quality food products? Preserved, dried or deep frozen? Are you looking for a trading partner for a long-term, reliable cooperation? Then we should discuss this at the earliest opportunity.

In our role as an importer and distributor of foodstuff, the worldwide purchase of suitable products creates the fundament for ensuring our successful work. We are always on the lookout for new suppliers who would like to jointly accompany us on the way to locating the best products which are available on the food market and thereby appropriately supplement our product range.
Our first priority is quality. This applies not only to the initial product but also to how our suppliers manufacture their products. We place significant importance on regular contacts, visits, inspections and audits in order to be able to maintain our high-quality standards and to create mutual trust.
Working together to achieve the best-possible quality

Professional marketing

Long-term partnership

Always close to the market and customers for you

You know your products and know exactly how to get the most out of your raw materials. We know the market and what our customers want.
Creating a partnership with Henry Lamotte Food ensures that our worldwide suppliers are able to market their products throughout Europe and always in a targeted manner. Irrespective of whether for industrial, additional processing or as Private Label products for the foodstuff retail trade - we can locate the suitable customer for every article by utilising our large customer network. This is not just the case for well-known products, but also for more innovative novelties. We launch your product onto the market, take care of the logistics as well as all the activities involved for marketing and sales.
It is not only your product which is therefore in good hands, but also your long-term and sustainable success.

"Our relationship with suppliers and customers also reflects our company policy – worldwide, reliable, individual and personal."

Sebastian Drewes, CEO

Certified collaboration

As a matter of principle, we always require that our suppliers are certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We also pay particular attention in our partnerships with our producers to the production conditions, e. g. within the framework of the  Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The fundamental codex on which this initiative is founded is an integral component for our processes regarding the selection and evaluation of suppliers.

Working in close cooperation with our suppliers enables us to support each other with information on markets, harvest forecasts, qualities, prices and availability.

If you are interested in introducing yourself as a supplier, then please contact us.

Are you interested?

Please contact us

Florian Friedemann

Head of Purchasing

Tel.: +49 421 523947268



We deliver quality products which always impress our customers. Your quality requirements are in good hands at Henry Lamotte Food. Our quality management system creates supply security by utilising coordinated processes, combined with quality assurance for high product quality.

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