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Colleagues at Henry Lamotte Food

What makes working at
Henry Lamotte Food different

Learn more about the dynamic and international working environment in our company.

Our staff of around 50 makes Henry Lamotte Food what it is today: a leading quality supplier of a wide range of international food products for the processing industry and food trade. In order to achieve this success, the colleagues always contribute their individual skills into one common unit.

They can always rely on a corporate culture which still combines modern values with the best of Hanseatic business tradition. Here at Henry Lamotte Food, we have been relying on fair, sustainable relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and service providers since 1925. We are proud of our extensive market knowledge, and at the same time it is our great commitment, particularly to our renowned customers across Europe and far beyond.

International work environment
Varied tasks
Collegial cooperation

Our working together benefits the individual as well as the company.

How we interact with each other

Our colleagues, each in his or her own special way, are characterised by competence, motivation, team spirit and identification with the family-operated company. We promote these characteristics by implementing flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, opportunities to have a say in the company as well as individual further training opportunities. Open, respectful and proactive communication is key to our work environment. It is therefore an essential component to successfully fulfilling the daily, ever-changing challenges of our diverse business. We strive to achieve such cooperation within the teams and with the executive managers. This applies not only to our day-to-day work but also to one-on-one feedback-meetings between the staff and executive managers at least once a year. The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate an open exchange of information about operational matters, objectives, targets, collaboration and development in the past and in the upcoming year.

"The specialisation and complexity at the company, as well as the high level of internationality, make my position at Henry Lamotte Food very exciting. I am given a lot of personal responsibility and get to travel all over the world. The individual is always appreciated and developed collectively in our team. We have a fantastic atmosphere here."

Florian Weniger
Florian Weniger

You as a person and a part of the company

Work-life balance and combining career and family

In our role as a family-operated company, we always have our people in mind. The approach applies to you as a member of staff as well as to customers, suppliers and other partners.

We support a work-life balance and reconciliation of work and family life. Depending on the possibilities the job provides, the tasks involved and after individual coordination with team members and managers, our offers include:

    • Flexible working hours
    • Mobile working
    • External, always confidential, social counselling in cases of stress, burnout or family issues
    • Bringing children to the office whenever there is an unforeseen interruption of childcare services
    • Financial support for day-care services during school holidays
    • Supporting staff who provide care for elderly or ill relatives

    Your performance is valuable

    Remuneration and additional benefits

    Our salaries are performance based. In addition to your monthly income, Henry Lamotte Food also offers you a holiday bonus and Christmas bonus, which together amount to a 13th month's salary.

    In addition, we also provide, among others, benefits including bonus payments and corporate pension schemes which are aligned to the success of the company and the length of service.

    We provide a high-quality lunch in the immediate vicinity of our office, which we also subsidise; freshly prepared from organic ingredients every day.

    We bear the lion’s share of the costs when you use one of our company fitness programmes offered at over 3,000 sports and health facilities in Germany. We have also been offering a company bike leasing service since 2019.


    We are looking for you

    Are you seeking a new challenge or planning the start of your professional career? Perhaps we fit perfectly. Let our international world of food inspire you.

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    Training and apprenticeships

    Internationality, diversity and team spirit

    Here at Henry Lamotte Food, we train today's committed personalities to become tomorrow's business leaders. Your career start in the international world of food.

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