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We represent quality by tradition

Our company started out by trading and processing high-quality marine oils for pharmacies. Since 1925, the quality standards of pharmaceutical suppliers have been a recurring theme in our company’s history. We can look back on turbulent and successful times – and are brimming with curiosity and drive for the future.

With its many dedicated employees by its side, the ever-active owner family has been successful in launching and networking the company in the global markets.

tried and trusted since 1925

The management of Henry Lamotte Food GmbH (from left to right): Florian Friedemann, Sebastian Drewes, Frank Neitzel


From the very beginnings to the present day

It all began with Livskraft fish liver oil

Company foundation

Bremen-based businessman Henry Lamotte founds the company HENRY LAMOTTE IMPORT/EXPORT in 1925. The main products offered by the new company include pharmaceutical fish liver oil from cod and halibut with a high natural vitamin content and Livskraft protective skin ointment.

The company is certified as a pharmaceuticals manufacturer in 1932.

Entrepreneurial spirit in challenging times  

Post-war period and reconstruction

The reconstruction period following World War Two is steered by Hans Henry Lamotte. In 1950, he takes over the company from his father and leads it out of ruins into the era known as the Economic Miracle.

In 1959, a new company site is purchased in Hohentorshafen in Bremen. An office, its own storage facility and modern filling capacities lay the foundation.

Boom in plant-based oils  

The 50s and 60s

The range is expanded beyond marine oils.

HENRY LAMOTTE increasingly focuses on competence and quality in the world of plant-based oils, fats and waxes. Mediterranean sources in particular are now taking their place alongside the numerous suppliers from Northern Europe. Producers and growing regions are always visited in person. To this day, frequent travel is integral to the work of many employees.


Visit to olive growers in Andalusia in 1966

Food imports – from oil to fruit  

The 70s and 80s

The expertise acquired in the global markets for plant oils is now also fruitfully applied to related food products.

From olive oil, it is a short leap to table olives and preserved tomato products, and a wide range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetables quickly follow. The timing is right, consumers long for new culinary experiences and there is demand for prepared foods. Convenience and globalisation drive strong growth. The product range is continuously expanded, an international supplier network is established and customers in industry and trade are successfully acquired.

The third generation at the helm   

The 90s

In 1983, Otto Lamotte and, in 1992, Henry Lamotte become the third generation of the family to join the company.

They take on responsibility together with their teams, with the former active in the oils division and the latter in the food division. In 1996, Hans Henry Lamotte finally hands over the company to his sons as the new partners. The company divisions are further advanced under a four-member Management Board. As a result of these efforts, brand-new, spacious business premises are purchased in Bremen’s Freight Centre (GVZ) in 1999.


Hans Henry Lamotte (centre) with his two sons Otto Lamotte (left) and Henry Lamotte (right).

The new millennium brings changes: Premises and oil mill, …

Following the construction of the LIPOS oil mill in 2002 at the former site in Hohentorshafen, the company starts to produce high-quality speciality oils. This is where the company is currently headquartered.

The permanent establishment in the GVZ. Already in 2005 the complex is extended by a third hall. becomes three

2006 – Focus and name change

Modern “open space” offices ensure easy communication and transparency.

Continuous investment in IT-infrastructure allow for efficient processes and a smooth flow of information with business partners. Strong alliances with service partners in transportation and logistics as well as state of the art warehousing guarantee reliability.

Centre stage take the teams of highly motivated specialists – in touch with the markets every day and keenly aware of the needs of customers, in Europe and worldwide.