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Corporate philosophy

Hanseatic values reloaded

Tried and Trusted

We draw our motivation from our values.

Every day anew.

Since 1925.

Our values

The handshake counts.

Trust and reliability always determine our daily work - within the team and towards our partners.

We rely on agility.

Agility characterises our daily actions close to the customer.

Curiosity drives us forward.

Pleasure in innovative products and technologies enables us to ensure the expansion and success of our partners.

We are entrepreneurs.

Personal initiative and passion determine our day to day work.

Teamwork takes us further.

We are strong and successful together. We think in global and network terms.

We create security.

HENRY LAMOTTE represents reliability as for delivery and quality. Under all possible conditions and circumstances.

tried and trusted since 1925

Our Mission

We provide our customers with food variety from worldwide origins.

We are your experts when it comes to our product groups and their markets and we master the challenges of global supply chains.

We understand the needs of our customers and work for their benefit - in a committed and pragmatic manner and always open to new ideas.

In doing so, we are guided by our own high standards of quality, service and reliability as well as a sustainable positive development for all parties in the value chain.

Our Vision

We are the first choice for food variety from around the world. We create valuable benefits for everyone involved by utilising our dynamic supply chain.