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Fish Convenience

Tuna and vegetables for creative fish convenience food 

A supermarket without fish convenience products? It is virtually unimaginable! Either as a prepared ingredient for uncomplicated meal preparation or as delicious fish delicatessen for direct consumption and enjoyment, these products make life easier. We have been providing manufacturers of fish convenience foods with the right vegetable ingredients for their products for decades – from pineapple to onions, a wide range of preserved and deep-frozen fruit and vegetables, tomato products, seasonings, spices and sauces, cereals, pulses and mushrooms. In addition, we also supply tuna from certified sources and from international premium quality processors. 
We recognise trends early and understand the requirements of our customers. In addition, we are constantly extending our product range. Moreover, we regularly develop new product solutions in close cooperation with our customers and producers for this purpose. In so doing, we always observe our high standards of quality and reliability and are committed to the sustainable positive development of all the parties involved.   

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Classic product: Our tuna range

Tuna is one of the most popular edible fish varieties worldwide and is used in a sheer endless variety of convenience food products - whether on pizza, in salads or in vitello tonnato. We mainly trade in the economically most important tuna species oceanic bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis), also referred to as Skipjack, and in smaller quantities albacore (Thunnus alalunga). Our tuna originates exclusively from certified fisheries, whereby purse-seine nets are the primary methods of fishing. Our sources do not use fish aggregating devices (FADs). We also provide pole & line tuna and tuna from fisheries which are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Henry Lamotte Food is MSC certified as well. We have also been a member of the Earth Island Institute (EII) for many years and support their leading Dolphin Safe Project. All our tuna products are certified as dolphin safe and our suppliers are regularly inspected and audited by the Earth Island Institute. 

Our fish products
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Full of taste ingredients for new fish creations

Fish is an exceptionally valuable commodity and should always be enhanced with the very best ingredients! We provide the vegetable components for the modern fish delicacy and fine food industry. In addition, we are always your partner for the next product innovation. Whether you require chillies, couscous, gherkins or olives, whether chutneys, ginger or garlic, pineapple or mandarins as deep-frozen or in organic quality - we are always there for you and help with samples, ideas, specifications, declarations and dependable supply. For paella from the frozen food section, an exotic Asian shrimp salad or a sophisticated new tuna creation: With our broad range of possibilities and many years of experience in the industry we are the perfect partner for your business success.

Certified sustainability

We accept this responsibility and meet the challenge

Our supply chains are always transparent so that our products can easily be traced back to their origin. We always work exclusively with audited and certified producers who recognise and fulfil their commitment to sustainable business practices.

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