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Meat Products

We supply plant-based extras for your products

Sometimes it is just that small extra ingredient which turns something plain into a special treat, give it the unexpected but tasteful kick. For you as a producer in the meat-processing industry, these are often plant-based ingredients, especially in modern product design. In vegetarian and vegan products, they even form the basis or combined with your meat specialities, they create a special highlight: the exotic seasoning, the delicious sauce, savoury herbs, fruits or vegetables. 

We therefore offer a wide variety of vegetable and fruit ingredients for your meat or sausage products - preserved, dehydrated and deep-frozen. From peppers through to chickpeas, baby corn, jackfruit and mushrooms up to tomato paste or deep-frozen parsley, you will find everything you need for vegetable supplements in the production of meat and sausages products. You will also find pineapples, mandarins or dates for exotic product creations in our range.

Sauces & spices are particularly in focus for you. For example, we provide various soy sauces, fiery sambals, fruity chutneys as well as peppercorns in brine, capers and marinated garlic. 

We travel around the world for you and are always looking for trends, opening up new delivery regions and constantly inspecting the quality of our suppliers. This makes us a safe and reliable partner.

Currently especially requested and recommended

It’s all a question of the right ingredients

We will also be very pleased to support you in the development of new products, which can be created by the interesting combination of known ingredients and through the use of innovative and newly discovered ingredients. This also applies to delicious sausage creations, exciting alternatives for the barbecue and various aspic and cold cuts.  The same can be said for the increasingly popular meat substitute products which are created from bulgur, quinoa, chickpeas or the exotic jackfruit. We are able to adapt ourselves to your recipe and produce and refine according to your specifications.

Can we do something for you?

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Yannik Schultka

Yannik Schultka

Food Industry Sales
Expert for Meat Products

Phone: +49 421 5239-47240

When meat is requested without meat

The jackfruit comes to the fore

This is the new, rising star in the production of meat substitute products - the jackfruit. Its fibrous, meat-similar consistency has already made it a traditional ingredient in South East Asian cuisine. It is frequently added to curries or in Indian pickles. For innovative manufacturers it can be used especially as a vegetarian and vegan substitute for chicken. Read more about the exciting jackfruit.

Jackfrucht Burger

If you prefer, we unpack for you

On request, we can deliver without outer cartons. Loose cans on hygienic H1 pallets with plastic separators save effort and reduce the risk of foreign objects in production.

Our most important product range for meat and processed meat goods


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Our products 

The whole variety at a glance

We can provide a wide range of preserved and deep-frozen fruit, vegetable and fish products as well as cereals and fancy food specialities and delicatessen from worldwide origins.