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Pizza and baked goods

Pizza & Bakery

Savoury ingredients for delicious bakery products around the world

They leave the oven with fragrant aromas and are a true treat in store - savoury pizzas and bakery products. Only a few dishes from international cuisine can offer such a variety of flavours and have so many friends across the globe. As product expert, we supply you with a comprehensive range of ingredients for coatings, fillings and toppings for your end- products.

Our product range comprises many types of vegetables and fruit, herbs, spices and tuna. We provide everything - from pineapples through to semi-dried tomatoes and peperoni rings up to, and including, olives, artichokes, garlic and deep-frozen spring onions. As an established supplier of pizza components and ingredients for bakery products, we can also provide product innovations such as jackfruit and “Sweety Drops” pepper speciality. Furthermore, we can also supply you with a wide range of our products in organic quality and for your vegan products. Our preserved tuna is MSC certified in most cases.

We deliver our products in various calibrations, preserved in cans, deep-frozen or dried. Everything is prepared freshly worldwide following precise specifications for your intended recipe.

We have been supplying pizza ingredients as well as to the bakery industry since the 1980s. Based on this vast experience, we are your partner for safe foodstuff products and fulfilling individual requirements.

Currently especially requested and recommended

Everything you need for your pizza production

Pizza is considered to be one of the most popular dishes in the world. Its greatest advantage: A complete meal is ready to be eaten within a few minutes. In our role as supplier, we can contribute many important products for pizza production in order to ensure that consumers can enjoy a consistently high-quality taste experience. Depending on the final utilisation, whether fresh, industrial or franchise, we always know which product has to be delivered in which shape. We also provide you with support in the development of innovative types of products and help you ensure a smooth market launch.

Examples of this are our sweet chilli sauce which e.g. can also be utilised in pizza rims or one of our most successful product innovations to date: Sweety Drops. These drop-shaped peppers refine many pizza creations by creating a visual and flavourful highlight. Pepperoni rings, which we can provide in a mild and a spicy variant, are also part of our range.

We supply the world's largest pizza producers in over 20 countries with these and many other preserved, dried or deep-frozen products for pizza requirements.

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Frank Neitzel

Frank Neitzel

Head of Food Industry Sales
Expert for Pizza & Bakery

Phone: +49 421 5239-47241

Variety for tasty baked goods

Savoury baked goods are popular in many situations. Irrespective of whether you need a fast snack when switching train platforms, for a break on the construction site or for the long day at school. The same always applies: The quality must be perfect. And above all, must remain consistent – always.

As an established supplier for the baked goods industry, we understand these requirements and have optimised our products in order to fulfil them. We can supply, for example, diced peppers, jalapeños and pizza sauce for a savoury snack.

Pizza and baked goods

When experience meets up with innovative force

Our range of services for your success

It is very important to us to always be able to supply you with the ideal product for your production. We like to think of us as your extended workbench and are ready to assume your perspective. For this purpose we can offer to visit your production facility and work with you to adapt our products to your specific on-site requirements. On the basis of our extensive technical understanding of the processes, we can ensure that all requirements placed on our products and logistic processes are comprehensively considered.

In order to enable a variety of suitable solutions, we work together with various contract producers and thereby always provide the right product. In addition, our scope of delivery is exceptionally flexible. For example, we can supply you with tomato paste in 1,000 litre containers or in smaller quantities and container sizes.

In our role as an experienced supplier, we provide you with products which have a wide range of characteristics:

• baking stable
• form stable
• heat stable
• pumpability
• portion control
• dosing capability via waterfall

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Our most important product range for pizza goods and baked goods



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Product development & Refining

Your needs are our challenge

An adequate reaction to trends, customer requests and the requirements of the market always requires innovative partners. We are always ready for you to mutually develop and implement new products with you.