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Ready Meals

Variety for quick cuisine

Partially prepared or completely finished foodstuff is very practical. It saves time when preparing a complete meal and offers flexibility. From spontaneously satisfied, small appetites up to cooking for guests in the evening: Ready meals make our daily life a lot simplier. In our role as a supplier of ingredients, we offer an extensive product range to suit this industry, in many types of containers, diverse sizes and shapes and always adapted to the wishes of our customers.

We also support you with product development in order to jointly create the next innovative ready meal with our customers. We have been able to build up extensive expertise in this field and really know the complex requirements of the market. We therefore provide you with a varied range of products - from trendy jackfruit and coconut milk to classic tomato products such as semi-dried tomatoes or tomato purée and even ginger. Together with us as a supplier of ingredients for your ready meals, you will be able to rely on years of experience and high-quality standards.

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The product range for modern trends

Henry Lamotte Food supplies numerous national and international companies in the ready meal industry. Our ingredients can be found in, among others, nutritious deep-frozen menus, ready pasta dishes or also in canned stews. Amending quality and variety in the range on offer has resulted in an alteration in the image of ready meals and therefore to increased demand. New trends are constantly emerging, such as recipes from the Asian region and ever-increasing demands for vegetarian dishes. We have many innovative products in stock for this demand, such as falafel as a meat substitute or edamame beans as an innovative kind of snack experience. Our product range will enable you to produce high-value meals as ready meals. Please contact us.
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Eicke Bittner

Eicke Bittner

Deputy Sales Director
Expert for Ready Meals

Phone: +49 421 5239-47242


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Utilise our support to create innovative products

Benefit from our expertise in your product development and utilise our customised manufacturing processes. We create product solutions tailor-made to your requirements.

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Deep-frozen products

Fresh taste direct from the cold

We supply you with deep-frozen products for your specialised production. All products with a fresh taste directly out of the cold can be found here.