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Unsere geprüfte Qualität


Safe food provided for satisfied customers

Quality is never just a coincidence. Quality can be planned, controlled and is always achieved by utilising the utmost care. This not only applies to the quality management of all our processes but also to the quality assurance of our products. At Henry Lamotte Food the customer determines in advance the respective quality which is required in every individual case. Of course, we can only deliver the required quality if we know and understand exactly the needs as well as the requirements of our customers.   

Once the right supplier has been selected, the work on quality begins, commencing with the cultivation of the products and continues through processing, preservation, packaging and the entire supply chain, including storage. When all the related processes work hand in hand, the result is a safe and flawless product. And the customer receives the service which complies with all quality requirements.

We commit our suppliers, partners, service providers and staff to this high-quality pledge in order to always fulfil our customers’ quality specifications. To ensure this commitment throughout our worldwide activities we regularly conduct on-site visits, inspections and audits as well as implement subsequent quality control in our own laboratories. These steps are all a part of our daily business. 

With the help of our quality management system, we continuously review our internal and external processes and adapt them to requirements. This creates a living and structured quality management system in all processes with methodical quality assurance for all products.

Own laboratory
Certified processes
International team

Quality management structures processes

As good as our quality management system is, we know that there is always room for improvement. A well-structured QMS assists us in regulating, reviewing and continually developing all standards and processes of our business. We are constantly learning. We always fulfil our high-quality demands we set for ourselves and also for our producers and all partners along the supply chain. Our objective is to reliably ensure the assured quality of our products and services. In addition, we also want to understand the implied needs of our customers so that we can always provide them with the greatest possible benefit.

Our quality management system is certified according to the IFS Broker (Higher Level) standard. We also comply with a number of other standards in order to fulfil the special requirements of our customers. Our producers are required to provide an IFS Food certificate or Global Food Safety Initiative-approved comparable confirmation. This procedure provides us as with an important benchmark upon which our subsequent audits and assessments are based. Moreover, our procedure also includes aspects of sustainability.

Our day to day activities are supported significantly by utilising this dynamic system. It is continuously queried and improved as well as adapted, for example, to new legal provisions or scientific findings. This enables us to be, and remain, your quality supplier.  

Do you have questions regarding our quality assurance or our quality management?

Then please get in touch with us.

"Safe products and optimal processes enable us to provide our customers with maximum benefit. We always measure ourselves against this quality promise and we work on it - every day!"

Sebastian Drewes, CEO

Our worldwide network of quality assurance

In addition to structuring the overarching processes which are required in quality management, we are always close to the product in our quality assurance processes. A clearly specified quality is therefore the initial prerequisite to achieving this goal. In close cooperation with our producers, we ensure that the products always comply with these specifications. 

The central element of our quality control is our own laboratory here in Bremen, which operates under food chemistry-related management. The technical equipment of the laboratory is state of the art and provides the best working conditions for our qualified, skilled personnel. We subject all our products to a systematic incoming product inspection. These are the best prerequisites in order to consistently ensure the quality of our goods.

These efforts are meaningfully supplemented by the involvement of our own QA staff in Turkey and China as well as by a global network of other accredited laboratories. This approach enables us to prevent mistakes locally in advance and bring controlled quality quickly and safely to the market. 

Our detailed offer:

  • Quality assurance throughout the entire process chain e. g. by means of audits and process control, goods controls at origin
  • Systematic incoming goods inspections including third-party laboratory analyses
  • Consideration and integration of customer-specific testing schedules
  • Systematic complaint management procedures
  • Comprehensive data management by utilising our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Connection to early warning systems
  • Food law and product-specific advice
  • Regular training of our staff

Seamless traceability

A seamless identification system throughout the entire production and supply chains always ensures that products can be traced back to their place of production - often even to the individual field. In addition, we guarantee tracking every delivery to our customers.

International quality in the team

Our entire team at Henry Lamotte Food is highly quality conscious. We always focus on efficient communication and effective action. 

Our team members speak many other languages besides German and English which greatly facilitates the communication process with our international partners. Whether this involves spring onions or mushrooms from China, figs and peppers from Turkey, capers from Morocco or Spanish artichokes - our team can speak to producers and service providers in their local language. A huge benefit for understanding and the resulting quality.


Taking responsibility together

Having a sustainable and responsible corporate organisation that prioritises people, animals, nature and the climate is absolutely crucial in the food sector.


Product development & refinement

Your wishes are our challenge

We are always ready for you to jointly develop and implement new products with you. We search for and discover trends and will not shy away from whatever challenge you present us with.