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Fortune Cookies on a table

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are sweet wheat biscuits, so-called cookies, that contain a slip of paper with an onprinted message, f.e. a saying or a verse. The slip of paper must be removed before eating the cookie by cracking up the folded cookie.
We can provide fortune cookies with messages in a number of languages.

Also available:

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Numerous languages


  • Fortune Cookies with messages in various languages 


  • Single packed in box

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As a sweet-tasting surprise after dinner, creating smiles on the faces of families, friends or colleagues.



Harvest Period

All year around


The cookie dough is a blend of various ingredients. It flows through tubes to the production line and is injected into baking moulds , which resemble rolling waffle irons. Baking takes around three minutes. This is how long the moulds usually require to pass through the oven. A gripper arm quickly slides the slip of paper into the still warm pastry and shapes the fortune cookie, before the dough hardens out 

Fortune cookies packaging


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Organic Product Range

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