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Deep frozen products

Preserving fresh foodstuffs can be very easily achieved by freezing. This enables the shape, colour, taste and nutrients to be retained to the best-possible degree. In result, your end products, whether they are ready-made meals such as vegetable for pans or pizza, delicatessen salads or gateaux, deliver the fresh taste your final customers appreciate so much. You can, of course, also receive the products from us in packaging and containers suitable for industrial use.

Do you have any questions regarding our deep frozen product range?

Please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Kristina Müller

Kristina Müller

Product Manager for deep frozen foods

Tel.: +49 421 5239-47274

We ensure freshness for your products! We rely on frozen fruits and vegetables without any additives to keep the fresh appearance. Convince yourself and talk to us!