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Jackfruit burger


Jackfruit, also called jaca or nangka, is a tropical tree-growing fruit. It grows directly on the trunk of the jackfruit tree, which belongs to the mulberry family being a genus of the breadfruit trees. 

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Rich in vitamins
Low glycaemic index


  • Chunks/shredded
  • Ripe 
  • Unripe 
  • Dehydrated
  • Deep frozen eis


  • Can
  • Bag
  • Deep frozen: Bag in Box eis
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Good to know

Organic jackfruit is also available. Canned jackfruit is available in various brines and marinades upon your request.

Jackfrucht cutout


Jackfruit is a traditional ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisine. Europe has just recently discovered this amazing fruit. The unripe fruit are peeled and prepared just like cooked vegetables in various dishes such as e.g. curries or as Indian pickle. The unripe harvested jackfruit is completely inedible in its raw state. The fibres only became soft when fried or braised so that the fibrous, meat-like consistency can develops. It can therefore be used as a unique substitute for chicken, beef or pork making it exceptionally suitable for vegetarian cuisine. The ripe jackfruit, on the other hand, has a sweetish taste and smells similar to honey, which is why it is often utilised for desserts or as a snack.


South India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and South East Asia

Harvest Period

Depending on the country of origin from January to June and from September to December.

Jackfruit tree


Jackfruit is usually harvested unripe, especially when it is intended for export and still has a long journey by ship ahead of it. The good thing about this tropical giant fruit: Similar to bananas, it continues to ripen after being harvested.


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