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Marinated capers


Capers belong to the caper family (bot.capparaceae) and are the pickled flower buds of the true caper shrub (capparis spinosa), while caper berries are the pickled fruit of the caper shrub. Capers are divided into various classes according to their size. The smaller the caper bud, the finer and aromatic the flavour and quality.

Also possible:

Gluten free
Lakctose free


  • Capers in salt brine and/or salt brine/vinegar brine
  • Nonpareille (approx. 5-7 mm)
  • Surfines (approx. 7-8 mm)
  • Capucines (ca. 8- 9 mm)
  • Capotes (approx. 9-11 mm)
  • Fines (approx. 11-13 mm)
  • Hors calibre (approx. 13-15 mm)
  • Customised brine recipes possible
  • Caper Berries
  • Calibre (15 - 22 mm)
  • Caper paste
  • Provided as fine and coarse pastes in various salt brines and vinegar brines according to individual recipes. 


  • Drum
  • Bucket
  • Jar
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Good to know

The wild growing caper bush flourishes in all Mediterranean countries.
The bush is a master of survival, grows on rocky and poor soils, tolerates salt and needs little water.  Capers should not be cooked, as this ruins their signature aromatic flavour and essential oils.  Rather add them shortly before serving your meal.    

Capers cutout


Whether savoury cod à la Provençale, hearty vitello tonnato or spicy rice con pollo, it is impossible to imagine Mediterranean cooking without capers. Throughout the region capers are used in a range of sauces, pastes as well as in a variety of pasta and meat dishes. Caper berries are very popular as a snack and in antipasti.


 Turkey, Morocco

Harvest Period

July to August

Caper plants


Capers as well as caper berries are handpicked and are inedible raw. They are usually dried overnight, subsequently pickled in salt brine and/or salt/vinegar brine and stored in barrels. This process produces capric acid and mustard oil glycosides, which provide the capers with their piquant taste.


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