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Coconut smoothie

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk refers to the milky liquid which is extracted from pressed coconut flesh and water.

Also available:

Lactose-free / gluten-free
Versatile in use


  • Milk 17 – 19 % fat content
  • Cream 22 - 24 % fat content
  • Clean label
  • Different fat contents


  • Tetrapak
  • Bag
  • Can
  • Barrel

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Good to know

It is often assumed that coconut milk is the liquid from inside the coconut. This liquid is however coconut water

The customer's end product application defines the best matching coconutproductout of the option we offer.

Coconut milk should normally be stored at room temperature to prevent separation of fat and liquid.

Coconut milk cutout


Coconut milk has a variety of uses in the fine international cuisine. It fits into fish or meat dishes, ready-meals, convenience food, sauces or beverages. It is currently enjoying growing popularity inside vegan alternative products such as ice cream, yoghurt, desserts, cheese and cream spreads. There are no limits to culinary imagination using coconut milk.



Harvest period

All year round, peak season: April to September

Man infront of a pile of coconuts


To produce coconut milk, the coconut flesh is pressed once, the still very fatty coconut extract is subsequently filtered and gently heated. Depending on the proportion of water which is added, coconut milk with 17-19 % or coconut cream with 22-24 % fat content is produced. Other fat contents are available upon request.


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Coconut Milk




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