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Mango chutney in a bowl

Mango Chutney

Mango chutney is a derivation of the Hindu word Chatni. The expression refers to a condiment of fruit which is cooked with sugar, vinegar and seasoned with various spices and seasonings.

Also available:

Flavour-intensive final product
Provides natural colouring
Fruity and sweetening


  • 'Kashmir Hot'
  • 'Major Grey's'
  • 'Sweet Sliced'
  • Individual recipes possible


  • Drum
  • IBC container
  • Buckets in different weights

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Good to know

In addition to the widely-known chutney varieties, we also supply other exotic types such as fruit and nut chutney, lime chutney or papaya chutney. Each recipe can be individually tailored to your specifications and requirements. From retail-sized containers up to industrial containers (1,300 kg IBC), a wide variety of packaging is possible to match your processing environment best

Mango chutney cutout


Convenience products of all kinds, especially fruity sauces and dips



Harvest period

Mango chutney is produced all year round.
Harvest time of the mangos: April to July

Mango chutney production


The mangos are washed, cut and carefully preserved immediately after harvesting. In order to produce the chutney, the mango pieces are washed, sorted and cut according to customer specifications. Finally, the pieces are cooked together with sugar, sugar cane vinegar, seasonings and spices (depending on the specification) and metal detected.


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