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Pepper in a bowl mit water


Pepper (Piper nigrum) originally came from India, where it dominated the spice trade back in ancient times and was equated with solid gold. This luxury spice enabled trade cities like Venice to accumulate immense wealth. The actual pepper plant is a vine which can grow on trees up to a height of 10 m. When cultivated, the plant normally reaches a height of 3-4 metres.

Also possible

Mildly spicy
Cultivated in mixed, diverse plantations


  • In salt brine:

  • green
  • red


  • Polycan
  • Drum
  • Bucket
  • Can
  • Vacuum polybag

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We can provide green and red peppercorns in various packing and qualities.

Pepper cutout


Green peppercorns are an excellent ingredient for meat dishes and add a unique savoury taste to fruits like strawberries. Pepper butter (crushed green peppercorns mixed with a little bit of salt and butter) is delicious for every BBQ


India, Vietnam

Harvest Period

End of November to the beginning of January

Pepper tree


The green peppercorns are harvested unripe. Because once ripe, they turn red. The stalks, petals, black seeds and other impurities are removed from the harvested peppercorns and are then preserved in a saline solution and acetic acid or dried immediately at high temperatures in order to be able to retain their original green colour. A slightly pungent odour is caused by terpenes which together with piperine create the unrivalled natural, spicy taste of the peppercorns.


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Green Pepper in brine




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