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Tomatoes, semi-dried  

Semi-dried tomatoes are oven-dried tomatoes and provide an intensive aromatic flavour. The controlled dehydration produces a pleasant blend of aromas and flavours of dried and fresh tomatoes.

We provide various cuts, segments, calibres, marinades and moisture contents.

Aromatic flavour
Individual recipes


  • Calibrated and halved, quartered, segmented 
  • Calibrated and in dices or pieces
  • Calibrated and in slices
  • Marinated or natural
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved or segments
  • Deep frozen eis
  • For sun-dried tomatoes, please see here.


  • Deep frozen: Bag in boxeis
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Good to know

The tomato originated in Central and South America. Today, tomatoes are cultivated around the world.

The semi-dried tomatoes are immediately ready for consumption and do not need to be rehydrated or soaked.

Semi dried tomatoes cutout


In salads, spreads, toppings, sauces and as a pizza topping 



Harvest Period

June to September


Produced from sun-ripened, healthy tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, cleaned and, as requested, cut to size, oven dried and, optionally, marinated, I.Q.F. frosted, calibrated, scanned to detect metal and packaged.


			Product Range
Product Range

Assortment for the food industry

			Harvest Calendar
Harvest Calendar

Our harvest calendar




Additional tomato products in our product range 


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