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Artichokes dinner


Artichokes (Cynara Scolymus L.) belong to the thistle family. The classic variety is a perennial plant and can be harvested for 4-5 years before the motherplant is exhausted. Annual hybrids delivering only one crop are becoming increasingly important in den origin. We provide whole hearts and bottoms in different sizes (pieces per can) and cuts, i. e. quartered, diced and in slices.

Also available:

A versatile ingredient
Meat alternative


  • Whole hearts with / without stem
  • Quarter pieces
  • Buttom
  • Dices
  • Slices
  • Leaves
  • Pulled

  • Deep Frozeneis


  • Can
  • plastic tray
  • Deep Frozen: bag in box eis
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Good to know

The edible portion of an artichoke, just before blooming, accounts for only 20% (the base, the heart and part of the leaves). The virgin, small and soft artichokes, on the other hand, are entirely edible.

Harvest period: The Winter pack in Europe is mainly utilised for marinated artichokes and semi-cooked quarters and for large hearts (count of 25/30 and/or 30/40). Smaller counts are mainly produced before and after the main crop.

Artichokes cutout


Pizza, salad, antipasti, vegan meat substitute (pulled)


Mediterranean coastal region (especially Spain),

North Africa, South America

Harvest period

Southern Europe
Early harvest: December to February
Main harvest: February to April/May

South America
Early harvest: March to April
Main harvest: May to November

Artichokes field


The raw material is washed, calibrated, cut and/or the outer leaves are removed, blanched and packed in cans and/or plastic trays or deep frozen.


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