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Pepperoni slices

Chilli peppers

Pepperoni and chilli belong to the Capsicum annuum species of nightshades plants. Both the plant as well as the fruit are designated as pepperoni/chilli, and there are other names, especially for the fruit which indicate differences in spiciness, size and also colour. The spiciness of the different varieties is determined by the capsaicin, which is mainly present in the seeds and internal ribs of the fruit.

Also possible:

flavour enhancer
versatile in use


  • Pepperoni (red/green/yellow; mild/piquant/spicy)
  • Piri-Piri
  • Cut and preserved as per instructions
  • Deep Frozen eis


  • Jar
  • Can
  • Bucket
  • Drum
  • Pouch
  • Deep Frozen: bag in box eis
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Good to know

We can provide various different cuts such as rings, cubes as well as whole fruit without and with stalk, pitted fruit for filling etc.

Pepperoni cutout


Antipasti, salads, pizza, ready-made meals, soups etc. 


Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco, Egypt, India, China, Peru

Harvest period

June to October

Pepperoni field


Sun-ripened fruit of the pepperoni/chilli bush, whole, pitted or cut and e.g. preserved in cans and/or jars or individually deep-frozen (IQF). Only fresh chilli fruit are used in production.


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Product Range

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Organic Product Range

Organic product range for the food industry

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Product Info

Red Peppers - Chilli Peppers




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