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We support BORDA's commitment to social projects in the field of water and waste water

Maria Lamotte to our recent cooperation with the Bremer NGO BORDA

Even today the availability of clean water in many regions of this world cannot be taken for granted. Lack of infrastructure and technology, in the countryside as well as in the mega cities of developing countries are big challenges. Over and above this, according to experts "water" will be the main theme for the coming decades; besides climate change and threat to biodiversity it will become the major social challenge to be mastered. Our company's business depends substantially on the agriculture in the origins and it is of high interest to us to enhance the responsible dealing with water resources. Therefore we support the Bremen based non-governmental organization BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) with a major financial donation and we plan to set up common social projects along our supply chain.

BORDA stands for more than 40 years of commitment for better life conditions of socially disadvantaged groups of people and for environmental protection.

Its major assignment is the provision of services of general interest such as water, wastewater, basic sanitation, energy and waste. Providing services of general interest is a mandatory requirement for the establishment and progress of lasting and livable communities.

Together with a network of more than 100 local partner organizations, BORDA is engaged in 25 countries today. The association is daily facing new challenges of infrastructural and urban planning in areas of poverty and crisis, supporting communities and regions actively in the integration of local sustainable technologies and private partnerships.

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 Sewage Treatment

The picture above shows a lighthouse project in Devanahalli, a city of 30.000 inhabitants in the outskirts of the Indian metropolis of Bangalore. Together with an Indian partner organization, BORDA constructed a sewage treatment plant for faecal sludge. The periodic disposal of domestic septic tanks is financed by a fee. Sewage water is being processed and re-used as fertilizer.


Draining faecals off a domestic septic tank for processing in a sewage treatment plant.

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