Certified Safety

Certified Safety – Only Quality Will Succeed!

We provide our customers with the safety and security they require in both the consistency of our products as well as in our everyday business relations.

The foundation of this safety is quality – and quality is not a coincidence. At Henry Lamotte Foods this aspiration to quality is firmly embodied in the corporate culture and motivation. We can draw on decades of experience and on the expertise of our staff. We can thusly satisfy the exacting demands of food markets and give our customers security and confidence.

This aspiration to quality begins with precisely defining and understanding the customer’s requirements. In a second step we carefully select the suitable producers, then develop, test and verify step by step in order to firmly control any risks. Our dynamic quality management system ensures smooth interplay and perfect fulfilment of all relevant processes. We comply with the quality standards defined in all relevant standards and have been certified by many organisations.

Thanks to our own laboratory, high-grade quality assurance and comprehensive quality management, we ensure our efficiency.

We strive for perfection.


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