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  • hearts with/without stem
  • hearts ¼-pieces
  • dices
  • quarters
  • bottoms
  • leaves

Can: 1.550 g ndw

We also offer this article in organic quality.

The artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) belongs to the thistle and aster family of plants. It is a perennial and can be harvested for 4-5 years. Only about 20 % of an artichoke is edible (the bottom, the heart, and some of the leaves). Small baby artichokes are completely edible.


Spain, Italy, France, Egypt, Peru, Chile, Israel, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, and recently China as well.

Harvest period

Southern Europe:
Early harvest: December to February (winter pack)
Peak harvest: February to April/May (spring pack)
South America:
Early harvest: March/April
Peak harvest: May to November
The winter pack is mainly used for marinated artichokes and semi-cooked quarters and to some extent for large hearts (25/30 and 30/40).


The raw artichokes are washed, calibrated, cut, and stripped of their outer leaves, blanched, and filled into cans.


We offer the hearts and bottoms in various counts (pieces per can) and cuts, including as quarters or diced bottoms.


On pizza, in salads, for antipasti.

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