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Black Fungus (Mu Err)


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Dried: 5 kg
Frozen: 10 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Mu-err mushrooms (auricularia auricula), also known as Jew’s ear, wood ear, black fungus and jelly ear, are well-known around the world and are often used in Asian and Chinese cuisine. 
The raw ginger is washed and pickled for at least six weeks in a brine of vinegar and citric acid. It is then dried and cut into slices. After another washing, the ginger slices are marinated in a hot sugar syrup. The slices are then drained and dusted with cane sugar. Finally, they are put into the oven to dry and then packed. 
Candied ginger slices are ideal as a seasoning for baking both sweet and savoury goods. They stimulate intestinal flora and digestion, helping with gastro-intestinal problems. Candied ginger can also help fight colds. 


Mainly from China and Vietnam




Mu-Err fungi are mainly offered dried or frozen (first blanched) in different sizes and packaging units.


Since they are rich in iron,  potassium and magnesium and contain phosphorus, silicium, and vitamin B1, they are also used in Chinese medicine. In China they are used to treat circulatory problems as an infusion similar to a tea and are thought to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol. 


Mu-Err fungi can be found in nearly every Chinese dish with a spicy dark sauce and in soups. After soaking, they multiply in size. Their natural flavor is only slightly mushroom-like. They also nicely take on the flavor of the liquids in which they are prepared. A property of Mu-Err fungi is that they create a special feeling on the palate – a texture similar to fresh seaweed.

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