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Coconut Milk


  • milk
    • clean label
    • different fat contents


Tetra pak: 1.000 ml
Bag: 20 kg
Can: : 2.900 ml
Drum: 200 l

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Coconut milk is a milky liquid made from grated coconut flesh and water.


Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia


Year-round, peak season: April - September


It is often thought, mistakenly, that coconut milk is the liquid inside the coconut. This liquid is, however, referred to as coconut water.

To produce coconut milk the coconut flesh is pureed, mixed with water, and then pressed through a filter. The coconut milk has a fat content of 15-25 % depending on the amount of water used.


We supply coconut milk (clean label) with various percentages of fat, in can, tetra packages and aseptic bags (‘Bag in Box’).


Coconut milk is widely used in national and international cuisine – for example, in fish and meat dishes, ready meals, sauces, and cocktails such as the classic ‘pina colada’‘.

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