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  • Deglet Nour/Aseer
  • Medjool
  • Sayer
    • whole, with stone
    • whole, pitted
    • dices,with and without rice flour
    • puree
    • paste
    • powder
    • syrup

Carton: 5 -12,5 kg
Bag: 1 - 30 kg
Drum: 210 - 270 kg
IBC: 1250 kg


We also offer this article in organic quality.

The date is the fruit of the date palm (phoenix dactylifera ) and is a species of date palm belonging to the arecaceae palm family. 


Tunisia, Iran

Harvest period



Dates are cultivated in palm gardens which need a lot of water. Since the fruit are only produced from fertilised flowers every 2 years, these gardens have to be carefully planted and laid out. One tree produces around 100 kg of dates. The moisture content is obtained by water vapour in separate humidifying chambers. Dates are usually unpitted when they come on to the retail market since the appearance of the date suffers when the pit is removed.


Numerous varieties of dates have been grown over thousands of years. Today there are around 1,500 different sorts. Each sort has its own features and the colour ranges from red to black. 


We offer Deglet Nour dates


As a snack, a starter, in salads and in cakes and pastries

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