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Carton: 10 - 12,5 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Dried figs are marketed under differenta variety of names. We sell natural figs, meaning unprocessed, unshaped figs, which are loosely poured into crates.


Figs are grown throughout the Mediterranean, especially in Turkey.

Harvest period

Late summer


The figs are harvested in late September and carefully dried in the sun. The fruits are then calibrated and checked for mould under UV light. Afterwards, they are washed and checked again for residual moisture prior to packaging.


Dried figs are rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium). They also contain fibre, pectin and flavonoids. Any white coating on the surface of dried figs is crystallised fructose.


Dried figs are mainly eaten raw. They can be stuffed, for example with cream cheese, or can be used in the production of jams, wine and fig bread.

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