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  • frozen
  • in brine
  • dehydrated
    • segments
    • slices
    • chopped
    • tablets (puree)
    • powder
    • granules

EU origins also available

Drum: 50 kg
Frozen10 kg
Dried: 2 x 12.5 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Garlic (Allium sativum) belongs to the lily family and is related to the onion.


Main exporting country: China (80 %), but also India, Spain and the United States

Harvest period

May to June
dehydrated: available beginning in August


Garlic in brine: The garlic cloves are sorted and calibrated, then the garlic is blanched and peeled, and the roots and damaged spots are removed. The garlic is sorted again before being put in the brine solution.
Frozen garlic: After being peeled, sorted and washed, the garlic is calibrated, sterilized, washed, and then frozen.
Dried garlic: After being peeled, sorted, washed, and cut, the garlic is washed again, then dried, chopped or pulverized, and sieved.


We carry the following calibers of garlic in brine packaged in a vat:
Super small: > 501 pieces/kg
Small: 481-500 pieces/kg
Medium: 281-480 pieces/kg

We also offer frozen garlic in the following forms:
Whole cloves
Garlic mustard (garlic root)
Garlic tablets

Dried garlic consists of:
Powder: 80-100 mesh, 100-120 mesh, 100 mesh up 
Granulate: G1 = 40-60 mesh
G2 = 26-40 mesh 
G3 = 16-26 mesh 
G4 = 8-16 mesh 
G5 = 5-8 mesh


For antipasti, in jars, in seasoning blends, on pizza.

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