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Can: 2.000 - 6.500 g ndw

We also offer this article in organic quality.

The cucumber (cucumis sativus) is a cultivated plant of the gourd family. Essentially, we distinguish between slicing and pickling cucumbers.


Cucumbers are originally from India; however, cucumber varieties are cultivated throughout the world. Our cucumbers were grown and harvested in Germany, Turkey and Sri Lanka.


May- September


After harvesting the cucumbers are sent through a sorting machine, where they are sorted according to length and thickness. Then they are washed, sorted again and, if specified, sliced. In a further step, they are then blanched and filled in tins. Pickling brine (seasoned as required) is then added to the tin, after which the tin is sealed and pasteurised. 


We stock Cornichons, Gherkin Strips and Cubes


Predominately, this product is used in the gourmet and specialty food industries for the production of salads and sausage.

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