• Chunks/shredded
    • unripened

Can: 1.700 g ATG
Bag: 1 - 10 kg
Frozen : 1 - 10 kg
Dehydrated: 1 - 10 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Jackfruit, also known as jaca in Portuguese or nangka in Indonesian and Malaysian, is a tropical tree-borne fruit. It grows directly on the trunk of the jack tree, which belongs to the mulberry family (Moraceae), genus Artocarpus (breadfruit tree).


Southern India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia


Depending on the country of origin, jackfruit is harvested from January to June and from September to December.


Jackfruit is usually harvested when it is still unripe; especially when the fruit is designated for export and involves a long sea journey. The best benefit regarding this giant tropical fruit is that it continues to ripen after harvesting similar to bananas.


  • organic qualities available
  • tinned jackfruit is available in a variety of brines upon request


Jackfruit is a traditional ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking. The western world has only recently discovered this astonishing fruit. The unripe fruit is peeled and used just like cooked vegetables in an array of dishes, such as for example curries or pickled in Indian pickles. The unripe harvested jackfruit is inedible when raw. The fibres only soften after cooking or frying, when the fruit develops a fibrous, meat-like consistency. Jackfruit is therefore a wonderful substitute for chicken, beef or pork and is well suited for a vegetarian diet.

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