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Mango Chutneys


  • 'Kashmir Hot'
  • 'Major Grey's'
  • 'sweet sliced'
    • individual compositions possible


Drum: 20 – 125 kg
Container: 1.300 kg

The word chutney is the transliteration of the Hindi word chatni. It is a relish made from cooking fruit with sugar and vinegar with various different spices.



Harvest period

April to July


The mangoes are washed immediately after harvesting, then are cut and preserved in brine. For production, the mango pieces are washed again, then are sorted and chopped based on the customer’s specifications. Finally the pieces of mango are cooked with sugar, cane sugar vinegar, and spices (depending on the type of chutney).


In addition to popular chutneys, we also offer exotic kinds such as fruit and nut chutney, lime chutney, and papaya chutney. The recipes can be individually modified. Various packaging options are available, from 800 g jars (for retail) to 1,300 kg IBC (for industry).


In sauces, in canned fish, and as a dip with meat and fish dishes. 

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