Mirin Fu (alcohol-free)


  • Rice wine, sweet
  • alcohol-free

Bottle: 200 ml
Polycan: 1,8 l
Canister: 18 l

Mirin Fu is a sweet rice wine used in Japanese cuisine. It is made of water, sugar and glucose syrup. Mirin Fu contains less than 1% Vol. ethanol.



Harvest period

year round


Water, glucose syrup and sugar are blended and then simmered at between 94°C and 96°C for thirty minutes. Afterwards the blend is allowed to sediment to avoid solids in the final product and to ensure that the liquid is clear and transparent. Subsequent to inspection and cleaning the primary packaging is sanitised. Afterwards the Mirin Fu is filled at approx. 70℃ - 75℃ into the respective container and delivered to the customer.


Other container options available upon request.


Mirin Fu is used in salad dressings, sushi, tofu, vegetables, as a marinade for fish and meat or in wok dishes. It gives foods an appetising sheen. Mirin Fu is particularly known as an ingredient in teriyaki sauce.

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