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  • Borettane Onions
    • whole
    • grilled


  • Red Onions in red winevinegar
    • whole


  • Silverskin Onions
    • whole


Can: 1.500 – 6.500 g ndw

Borettane Onions are flat and were originally cultivated in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia and the municipality of Boretto gave this specialty its name. The onions are very small and have a characteristic mild and slightly sweet flavour. Red Onions have a red to dark purple particularly thin skin; they have a characteristic sweet, slightly hot flavour. Silverskin Onions (allium cepa) are particularly small cultivars of onion with a diameter of 15 - 35 mm. These onions have a characteristic white to silver shimmering outer skin.


Our Silverskin Onions are cultivated extensively in Italy and are processed in Germany or the Netherlands. Unlike our Borettane Onions, which are processed in their country of origin. We source our Red Onions directly from Italy, which is the main cultivation area for this cultivar of onion.

Harvest period

Red Onions/Silverskin Onions: August/September 
Borettane Onions: End of July


The onions are washed, sorted, blanched, containerized and pasteurized


We supply Silverskin Onions and Borettane Onions in a range of different brines. Our Red Onions are only available in a brine based on red wine vinegar. 


Pickled onions are primarily used in the fine foods industry.

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