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Sesame paste/Tahini


  • 100% sesame

Bucket: 10 kg
Drum: 200 - 218 kg

Sesame paste (also known as tahini/tahina) is a beige-to-light-brown paste that tastes like roasted sesame seeds. Its consistency ranges from viscous to pasty. and has a viscous to pasty consistency.


Sesame paste is familiar fromwell known for its use in Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine. It is produced in the Middle East, Turkey and Greece.

Harvest period



Made from hulled, roasted and ground sesame seeds with no further ingredients.


Sesame paste is used as a basic ingredient in hummus (a Middle Eastern specialty made from pureed chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil and spices), but can also be used to make halva (a Middle Eastern confectionary specialty) or as a spread on bread.

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