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Sheated woodtuft (Nameko)


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Can: 2.295 g ndw
Frozen: 10 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

The Japanese Nameko mushroom (Pholiota nameko), also known as butterscotch mushroom, is a gourmet mushroom, which is cultivated in China by small farmers using a hardwood substrate in greenhouses.


Namekos originate solely in Asia and are only cultivated by a handful of farmers in Europe. They are marginally related to the sheathed woodtuft (Pholiota mutabilis), which grow in European woodlands.

Harvest period

Harvest time in northern China: December and January


Freshly cultivated Namekos are harvested, cleaned and individually quick frozen, packed, sealed and scanned for metal.


In casseroles, convenience foods, wok vegetable mixtures, salads and as a soup ingredient.

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