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Shiitake (Hou-Kou)


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Dried: 3 kg
Frozen:  10 kg

We also offer this article in organic quality.

Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes) take their name from the tree they grow on, the castanopsis tree (shii), with “take” meaning “mushroom” in Japanese. It is also known in Chinese as 香菇 “xianggu” or 冬菇 “donggu”. The shiitake mushroom has a long history. A legend tells the story of the Japanese people offering the shiitake mushroom as a gift to their emperor in the year AD 199. Chinese sources date its use even further back. It is the most commonly cultivated edible mushroom after the champignon (button mushroom). Shiitake mushrooms are very similar to brown champignons, both having a brown cap and a light-coloured stalk. The lamella, or “gills”, of the shiitake mushroom are also light in colour.


Mainly from China


Shiitake mushrooms also grow wild outside of Europe and North America. The shiitake mushrooms found in markets are exclusively grown on farms.


Shiitake mushrooms are mainly available dried or frozen. When dried, the lack of moisture makes them slightly smaller. Shiitake mushrooms are available in various cap diameters and different package sizes.


These mushrooms are perfect for all types of dishes where champignons would normally be used. Shiitake mushrooms are widely used in Asian medicine to treat various diseases (e.g. inflammation, stomach problems, headaches and dizziness).

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