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Bamboo stripes | A10 can | 1.800 g ndw

Bamboo slices   | A10 can | 1.800 g ndw

Bamboo tips     | A10 can | 1.800 g ndw

» also available in jar

Bamboo shoots belong to the botanical family of grasses (Gramineae, Poaceae or true grasses). Within this family, bamboo is an important subfamily with 45 genera and 200 species. The genera Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, and Phyllostachys are the preferred varieties that are grown as vegetables (bamboo shoots). Bamboo grasses can grow up to 30 m high and reach a diameter of up to 30 cm.


Bamboo grasses are native to the tropical regions of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, India, the Philippines) and even South America. 

Harvest period

July to September/October


Bamboo shoots are cut out of the ground, washed, peeled, and cut according to the respective specifications. They are preserved in cans or jars. 


We offer various cuts such as strips and slices.


A vegetable to add to Asian dishes, soups, and ready-to-eat meals.