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Bulgur | Bag | 25 kg  | other sizes on request

  • yellow
  • brown
  • coarse, medium, fine

Bulgur is parboiled durum wheat and is a staple food in Turkey and the Middle East.



Harvest period

Bulgur is produced year-round.
Harvest period for wheat: May-June


The durum wheat is first soaked, then parboiled or steamed. After drying, the bulgur is ground to various degrees of fineness, ranging from fine to extra coarse grains. 

Great care goes into the production of bulgur so as to preserve the important vitamins and minerals it contains.


We offer yellow and brown bulgur in fine, medium and coarse grinds and in various containers.


Like rice, bulgur has a relatively neutral flavour and is thus suitable for various types of dishes. It is ideal for use in salads. When seasoned with herbs and spices, it is also a very tasty side for meat dishes. It is often served with lamb. Bulgur can also be used in sweet puddings and casseroles.