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Corn /Sweet Corn


Sweet Corn, `fancy`,  | 425 ml can | 285 g ndw 
                                | 3/1 can | 1.840 g ndw 
vacuum packed

Baby Corn, medium 150/UP  | A10 can | 1.500 g ndw
                                          | 425 ml can | 225 g ndw
                                          | 370 ml jar | 190 g ndw

» other counts / lenghts upon request

Corn is an annual, deciduous grain crop belonging to the true grasses family (Poaceae). It was originally native to Mexico. The subspecies Zea mays var. saccharata (sweet corn) is economically important.


Today corn is mainly grown in the United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Hungary, South Africa, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

Harvest period

Thailand: January to April
United States: July to October


Sweet corn is harvested before the end of the ripening process so that the sugar in the corn is not completely turned into starch, staying sweet. The ears of corn are shucked, the kernels are cut off the cobs, washed, sorted and preserved in tins. 


We offer cans in various sizes as well as bags.


In salads, in ready-to-eat meals, as a side vegetable, etc.