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Fruit Cocktail


Fruit cocktail, tropical (with/without banana) | A10 can | 1.840 g ndw

  • in light syrup

Fruit cocktail, European (5 – Fruit, with cherry) | 3/1 can | 1.500 g ndw
                                                        | 5/1 can | 3.000 g ndw
Fruit cocktail, European (4 – Fruit, without cherry) | 3/1 can | 1.500 g ndw

  • in water, in light syrup

Our tropical fruit cocktail is made with pineapple, papaya and guava, with or without bananas. The European fruit cocktail is a mixture of peaches, pears, pineapple and grapes, with or without cherries, in different proportions. 


Tropical fruit cocktail: Vietnam
European fruit cocktail: Europe, China 


Only healthy fruit makes it to processing. They are peeled, and some are halved or diced, seeded or cored, if necessary, and then preserved in a tin with syrup.  


The tropical fruit cocktail is available with or without bananas. The classic European 5-fruit cocktail is available in a slightly sweetened syrup or in water or as a 4-fruit cocktail without cherries. 


As a dessert, in cakes and pastries, or in salads.