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Crystallized Ginger


Crystallized Ginger | slices | carton | 10 x 100 g net

Sliced Crystallized Ginger is yellowish brown and round, oval or angular in shape. It has a sweet and spicy flavour.



Harvest period



The raw ginger is washed and soaked in a brine of vinegar and citric acid for at least six weeks. Then it is dried and sliced. The sliced ginger is washed once again and cured in hot sugar syrup. The ginger slices are then drained and powdered with cane sugar. In a final step, the slices are dried in an oven, from where they are packaged. 


Main ingredients are ginger, sugar and acidifying agent.


Crystallized ginger is a hot and fragrant spice that is highly suited for backing both sweet and savoury goods. Ginger stimulates the intestinal microbiota and the digestive system. It can support the treatment of gastrointestinal complaints. 

It also has a soothing effect on coughs and sneezes; and can guard against hangovers, as it dealcoholizes the body after a night on the town.