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Mandarin Oranges


Mandarins-segments | 3/1 can | 1.500 g ndw

» available in water, light syrup or natural juice

Mandarin Oranges (citrus reticulate Blanco) belong to the Rutaceae family and are often summarized with the collective term “Citrus reticulata Blanco” together with satsumas and clementines. 


Japan and China are the most important countries, where the fruit is cultivated. Today, however, Mandarin Oranges are also cultivated around the Mediterranean (e. g. Spain, Morocco or Israel). Mandarin Oranges have an attractive colour and are virtually seedless, which is why they are often used as a preserved fruit.

Harvest period 

Japan and China – November to January
Mediterranean – December to January


The fruit is peeled, the individual sections skinned and preserved 
in syrup in tins or jars. Frozen Mandarin Oranges are individually 
quick frozen (IQF) without additional sugar.


We supply Mandarin Oranges in different calibrated sizes (small/medium/large) and qualities (whole sections/broken)


Fruit cocktails, gourmet salads, desserts, baked goods etc.