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Mushrooms, dried

Mu-Err, big/red | bag | 5 kg net

Mu-Err, medium/yellow | bag | 5 kg net

Mu-Err, small/blue | bag | 5 kg net

Mu-Err, minil/green | bag | 5 kg net

Hou-Ku (Shiitake), medium, 3 – 5 cm | bag | 3 kg net

Hou-Ku (Shiitake), large, 4 – 6 cm | bag | 3 kg net

Mushrooms, canned

Champignons | can | 1.680 - 2.600 g ndw

  • whole
  • mini
  • slices (I. - III. choice)
  • dices

Mu Err: 
Muu Err, also known as Black Fungus, are often used in Asian cuisine. When dried they shrink to one tenth of their original size. Wood Ear are cultivated primarily in China and are harvested all year round. 

Shiitake are also known as Hou-Ku mushrooms. It is the second most commonly cultivated edible mushroom and resembles brown button mushrooms. Shiitake can be used as a substitute for button mushrooms in a broad range of dishes and cuisines. They are considered a medicinal mushroom in Asian traditional medicine. 

Champignons (Button Mushrooms) are the most popular mushroom across the globe. The mushroom has a characteristic fine aroma and is exceptionally versatile.