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Peaches halves |850 ml can |470 g ndw
                          | 3/1 can | 1.500 g ndw

Peaches slices   | 3/1 can |1.500 g ndw

Peaches dices (14x14 mm) | 5/1 can | 3.000 g ndw

» available in water, light syrup or natural juice
» other packaging also available upon request

The peach (Prunus persica) is a stone fruit that belongs to the rose family(Rosaceae). The peach tree was originally native to China. Peaches need a mild, warm climate as they are extremely sensitive to frost.

There are around 3,000 cultivars around the world. The Yellow Clingstone cultivar is used most in the canned goods industry.


Spain, Greece, Italy, France, South Africa, Israel, California, China.

Harvest period 

Greece: July to August
China: June - August


The peaches are washed and damaged fruits and foreign matter (leaves, etc.) are sorted out. The whole fruits are calibrated and cut, then are inspected, peeled, washed, calibrated if necessary, and packaged in cans. 


We offer peaches as halves, slices and dices.  


In fruit preparations, desserts, jams, and ice cream.