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Pepper, green, in brine

212 ml can | 100 g ndw

850 ml can | 500 g ndw

A10 can | 2.000 g ndw

polycan | 10 kg - 25 kg ndw

drum | 175 kg ndw

» also available in jars upon request

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) originally comes from India. It dominated the spice trade in ancient times and was even used as a form of money to offset gold. This luxury item helped cities like Venice to amass tremendous wealth. The pepper plant is a climbing vine that grows in trees up to 10 m hightall. When cultivated the plant gets can grow as high as 3-4 meters.


India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Malaysia

Harvest period

Late November to early January


Green pepper is being harvested unripe while red pepper is collected fully ripened. The stems, blossoms, black corns, and other impurities are removed from the fresh peppercorns, which are then preserved in a solution of brine and acetic acid or are immediately dried to retain their original color. Terpenes, which give pepper its natural spiciness, give off a slightly pungent odor.


We offer green and red pepper in various packaging options and qualities.


Green pepper is great in meat dishes, but it also adds a savory note to fruits like strawberries. Pepper butter (crushed green peppercorns mixed with a bit of salt and butter) is especially delicious during grilling  barbecue season.