Pineapple slices, count 50/60 or 60/70 | A10 can | 1.790 g ndw

Pineapple chunks | A10 can | 1.840 g ndw

Pineapple, tidbits, 1/16 cut | A10 can | 1.840 g ndw

Pineapple dices, 10x10 mm | A10 can | 1.840 g ndw

» available in water, light syrup or natural juice

Pineapple crushed, coarse cut / fine cut, natural juice 
                                          | A10 can | 2.040 g - 2.550 g ndw

The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a plant belonging to the bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae).


Pineapple was originally indigenous to America. Today, it is cultivated in tropical regions around the world. For industrial purposes the main sources for pineapples are in the Far East (Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam) as well as Africa (Kenya) and South America.


The following varieties are of significance for commercial cultivation: 
•    The Cayenne group, which includes “Smooth Cayenne”, “Kew” and others, represents the most important cultivar group. The orange-yellow, cylindrical fruit weigh up to four kilograms and are low in fibre. The flesh is light yellow and flavourful.
•    The fruit of the Queen group, which includes “Natal Queen”, “Victoria”, “Fairy Queen” and others, are all smaller in habit and size than the cultivars of the Cayenne group. The fruit weigh up to 1.3 kilograms and the flesh has an intensive yellow colour. The flavourfully sweet fruit are usually grown to be consumed fresh and is low in fibre. 
•    The typically round fruit of the Spanish Group, which includes the cultivars “Singapore Spanish” and “Red Spanish”, are reddish yellow, have white, fibrous flesh and weigh up to 2.3 kilograms.

Harvest period

Year-round, peak season: March to June and October to December


The fruits are peeled, cored, cut into slices, even-sized pieces, or cubes, or are grated, and are then preserved in cans or bags, or frozen.


We offer all standard cultivars, including “Choice” qualities as tinned goods, while the “Queen Victoria” and “MD2” varieties are available as frozen fruit.


In gourmet salads, in fruit salads, on pizza, in desserts, in fruit preparations, in baked goods and ice cream