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  • Soy-sauce, light
  • Soy-sauce, dark
  • Soy-mushroom-sauce
  • Soy - sauce seafood
  • Soy-sauce, glutenfree, without wheat flour, salt reduced
  • Soy-sauce, organic


Packagings are valid for all items: | Sachet: 8 ml | Bottle: 150 ml – 500 ml  
polycan: 1,8 l /8 l | drum: 200 l | Bag in Box: 20 l

Soy sauce is a seasoning sauce produced through natural, traditional methods of fermentation.


Soy sauce originated in China. Production isIt is mainly done produced in China and Japan.


Steam soybeans and wheat flour are mixed together and injected with “Aspergillus oryzae” fungus cultures. Saltwater is added to this mash, which then ferments for several months. Afterwards the soy sauce is filtered, pasteurized, and packaged.


Henry Lamotte Food GmbH distributes PEARL RIVER BRIDGE soy sauces. We back the high quality standards of the manufacturer, which brews soy sauce naturally in its ultra-modern production facility using a traditional process. The sauces are made from first grade soy beans and wheat flour, which are guaranteed to be GMO-free (IP). Accredited European labs regularly perform quality inspections. Our many years of collaboration with this globally leading supplier guarantees the a smooth supply of products at the highest standard of quality.


In sauces, seasoning blends, and ready-to-eat meals.