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Sweety Drops


tear-shaped/red/yellow/ | A10 can | 1.200 g ndw

  • also available in jars

Sweety Drops are small, tear-shaped peppers, which are both sweet and sour. Peppers belong to the Capsicum genus. We stock and distribute yellow and red Sweety Drops. The peppers are 5 - 15 mm in diameter. 


Peppers are native to the Amazon region.  


Red: July – December 
Yellow: March – April and November – December


The raw peppers are harvested, cleaned and preserved in a brine of vinegar and sugar.  


Sweety Drops are excellent eye-catchers on your products and are perfect for decorative purposes. 


Sweety Drops are perfect for use in the gourmet and specialty food industries as well as for the frozen pizza industry.