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Tomato Paste

Tomatoes, peeled

Tomato,natural juice | 3/1 can | 1.500 g ndw
Tomato, dices, approx. 19 x 19 mm | A10 can | 2.100 g ndw

  • also available in other variations

Tomatoes, crushed

Tomatoes, crushed, 6/8 % brix | asept. bag in box | 10 kg net

The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a plant in the nightshade family. Colloquially, the word tomato is used to refer to the red fruit (actually a berry) that is used as a vegetable.


The tomato originated in Central and South America. Tomatoes are grown around the world, though for the food industry mainly in California, Southern Europe, China, Northern Africa, the Middle East, as well as in some countries in South America. 

Harvest period

Northern hemisphere: July to September
Southern hemisphere: January to March

Our tomato products:

Tomatoes, peeled
Made from sun-ripened, healthy, whole tomatoes, peeled, and preserved in cans in lightly salted tomato juice.
Uses: Catering and restaurants, bulk customers

Tomatoes, diced
Made from sun-ripened, healthy, whole tomatoes, peeled, diced, and preserved in cans in lightly salted, lightly concentrated tomato juice.
Information: We offer various diced cube sizes in aseptic bags and cans.
Uses: In ready-to-eat meals, etc.

Tomato paste
To make tomato paste, healthy, sun-ripened, strained tomatoes are concentrated without the skin or seeds and are aseptically packaged or preserved in cans.
Information: We offer double (28/30%) and triple (36/38%) concentrated tomato paste made using the cold break or hot break process and packaged in aseptic bags or cans.
Uses: For sauces, ready-to-eat meals, ketchup, etc

Pizza sauce
Made from tomatoes that have been pureed and lightly concentrated.
Information: We offer pizza sauce in aseptic bags and cans. Salted or seasoned options are also available.
Uses: For pizza, pasta dishes, sauces, etc. 

Tomatoes, dried 
Made from healthy, ripe tomatoes that are cut, salted, and dried in the sun. Then they areThey are then  washed and dried in the oven, packaged, and metal-detected.
Information: We offer halves, quarters, strips, and diced cubes. By influencing the humidity and using additives, the color can be adjusted to customer specifications.
Uses: Antipasti, salads, ready-to-eat meals, etc.

Tomato powder
Spray-dried tomato powder, made from concentrated tomato paste. Free of artificial colors and preservatives.  
Uses: For sauces, soups, spice and seasoning blends, etc.