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Ananas on Pizza


The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a plant species of the Bromeliaceous plant family (bromeliaceae). We provide all common varieties also in “choice” qualities in cans, the “Queen Victoria” and “MD2” varieties as deep-frozen commodities. Different packaging solutions available.

Also available:

Rich in vitamins


  • Slices
  • Chunks
  • Titbits
  • Dices
  • Crushed
  • In Water
  • In Sugar
  • In its own juice
  • Deep Frozen eis


  • Can
  • Bag
  • Deep Frozen: Bag in Box eis
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Good to know

The Cayenne group with “Smooth Cayenne” is the most important group of varieties. The orange-yellow, cylindrical-shaped fruits can gain a weight up to four kg and is a low-fibre fruit. The flesh of the fruit is light yellow and aromatic.

The Queen group with '”Natal Queen”, “Victoria”, “'Fairy Queen”, among others, are smaller in habitus and fruit than the varieties of the Cayenne Group. The fruits only weigh up to 1.3 kg and the flesh of the fruit is an intense yellow colour. The aromatically sweet fruits are mostly grown and harvested for fresh consumption.

The round fruits of the Spanish Group with the “Singapore Spanish”, “Red Spanish” varieties are reddish-yellow in colour, have white, quite fibrous fruit flesh and can weigh up to 2.3 kg.

Ananas cutout


Salad delicacies, fruit salads, pizza, exotic cuisine and desserts, fruit preparation, bakery goods, ice cream


Far East (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam), Africa (Kenya) and South America.

Harvest Period

All year round
peak season: March to June and October to December

Ananas production


The fruit is peeled, the fibrious core is removed, the fruit is cut into slices, even-sized pieces or cubes or crushed and afterwards preserved in cans and/or bags or as deep-frozen products.


Product Range
Product Range

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Organic Product Range

Organic product range for the food industry

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Harvest Calendar

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